Botanical Bloom

 Known for their strength, beauty and resilience, Australian Botanicals have inspired the new wave of our high-summer collection; TERRA AUSTRALIS. Each piece from the collection has been inspired by a different Native Australian flora or fauna. 

"If you look around, you can find all of the inspiration you need to design and create something beautiful. For decades, the fashion industry been doing just that; making garments that were born out of inspiration from the natural world. The tricky part is coming full circle and ensuring what you create not only does the beauty of nature justice - but also respects it. To us, this means ensuring every aspect of our design process - from our recycled fabrics, to the water based dyes we use and even the multi-functionality of our designs - are aligned with our values of protecting and honouring the natural world."

- Amber, BAIIA Designer & Founder.

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