Fit Consultations

We currently offer fit consultations to help our customers who have purchased and are unsure of their sizing.  


What we look for

We look for space on the straps, looseness in any area (particularly hips and rear), any digging in or bulging, wearing the suit in the correct way, and/or any specific concerns you have addressed prior.


How we can help

Our fit experts speak fluent Baiia suits - we know our sizing inside and out, and we’ve made the Wrapsuit work for all sorts of body types. We’ll offer our specialised advice particular to your situation, based on hundreds of prior recommendations and experience with the suit that we know works. 

We know that all bodies are different and beautifully unique, which is why we offer this service tailored to you and your body! Our advice will be different for all of our customers and their individual situation, but will be informed by our knowledge and experience.


What the benefit of this service is

You get your perfect fit without the hassle and confusion of what size to go for next and you’re not going it alone! We know the power of a good swimsuit, so we are committed to finding the best solution for you. 

We offer an alterations assistance program also, so we can inform you as to whether a size change or an alteration would be the best option for you and why. 

And... it’s completely free! Fit consultations are complimentary with any swimsuit purchase.


To get started on your complimentary post-purchase fit consultation, click here.