Vision & Values

Nothing makes us happier than seeing women truly connecting with themselves - allowing them to be who they really are. This vision of helping women achieve this connection and confidence within themselves is something that permeates throughout the whole business and is woven into the very essence of our purpose.

Our values are an integral part of our every step, and we truly believe we wouldn’t be the women we are today without them. Our top 3 are:

  1. Be the pioneers of compassion in women’s fashion.
    We make sure we’re nurturing, empathising and truly stepping into our women’s shoes. Our customers are everything, and how they feel about themselves is why we started and why we’re still here.
  2. Know what’s important, think of tomorrow.
    Our planet and its inhabitants are the be all and end all. Let’s treat them as if our lives depend on them. They do.
  3. Be bold. Commit. Get it done.
    Allow yourself to dream, make yourself a promise, and stick to it. To us, there is no better measurement of self-love than showing up for yourself, every single day.

Pronounced “Bai-ah”

Meaning: one who has the capacity to
change the world for the better.

Sustainable Fibres & Dyes

The amount of plastic (including synthetic fabric) manufactured from 2000-2010 was on par with the total produced in the entire last century. After most likely only being used once or twice, this plastic was left in landfill to release toxins for the next few thousand years. So how do we help fix this? We use only the highest of quality recycled synthetic fabrics.

Our soft & durable recycled polyester is constructed in Italy and made from industrial and post-consumer waste such as fishnets, carpets, plastic bottles and textiles that would otherwise pollute our beautiful land and oceans. It is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex; the world’s leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances.


Meet the Makers

We are proud to say our swimwear line is made by incredibly talented dressmakers in China. We’ve partnered up with an amazing manufacturer who are genuinely concerned about ethics and sustainability, about environmental issues and worker welfare. Due to their change in adopting more of an ethical Corporate Social Responsibility, their prices have risen and they’ve lost a lot of fashion labels to cheaper manufacturers in other Asian countries. Baiia felt it was our responsibility to support a business who is trying to do the right thing, but are losing support. Baiia has no racial bias when it comes to who we work with. Our approach was born out of the appreciation of high quality goods - cause you’ll wear the heck out of something if it’s high quality.

In our research, most of the best manufacturers for long lasting and high quality garments are located offshore. Australia has wonderful manufacturers for swimwear, but for our designs, sustainable fabrics and eco dyes, the only resources that were up to the challenge were in China.


Meet the Founder

There really is nothing else that brings me more joy than knowing I can offer something to women that makes them feel incredible. Of course, I have my challenges (both business and personal) and there are so many things I can’t wait to improve on and share with my Baiia women. But what’s important is knowing that women of all body shapes & ages, from all over the world are celebrating themselves in our designs - which only makes me even more excited and focused on my business’s and my own personal mission:

To create unique and flattering swimwear that empowers all women and honours sustainable practice.

Thank you for riding this wave with both me and our baiia team, but most importantly, thank you for believing that together we have the capacity to change the world for the better.

Amber x