A radiant goddess teaching us to love yourself!

A radiant goddess teaching us to love yourself!

Over Women’s History Month, we’ve been introducing you to some of the incredibly talented and inspiring women who advocate for a more inclusive space for women. Well, get ready to fall in love with another Baiia muse…  

…Say hello to Louange. She’s the body-positivity fashion personality who champions loving every bit of yourself, inside and out. Her fierce sense of style shines almost as brightly as her unwavering commitment to making women of all shapes and sizes feel seen. Get to know this force for positive change who knows confidence and great style comes in every size!

With this year’s International Women’s Day theme: Inspire Inclusion, how does this speak to you?

As a black plus-size woman, the concept of inclusion holds profound significance for me. Throughout my life, I've frequently encountered exclusion from various spaces. This reality prompted me to create my platform, a digital space where I could assert my presence in places where I've historically been overlooked or unwelcome. Through my platform, I strive to demonstrate to women who share my identity and experiences, as well as those facing different challenges, that they too have the right to occupy space and be heard. It's about more than just representation; it's about empowerment and validation of our diverse voices and perspectives. 

 Can you share a moment when you felt particularly inspired by the resilience and strength of women in your community? 

I am surrounded by a community of incredible women, so I am constantly reminded of the extraordinary power and resilience that emanates from their collective presence. These women embody so many qualities that inspire awe and admiration, from their boundless love and compassion to their unwavering strength and intelligence. Resilience is about refusing to internalise the negative narratives perpetuated by bias and discrimination. It's about recognizing our inherent worth and refusing to allow anyone to diminish it.

How do you foster the vulnerability, courage and confidence it takes to put yourself on the internet and what is advice you’d give to others wanting to do the same?

It's not easy; I won't sugarcoat it. Starting my platform was a leap of faith, driven by the desire to become the role model I longed for during my own journey. But good intentions don't shield you from the harsh realities of the online world. In those moments of doubt and vulnerability, I'm reminded of the younger version of myself, yearning to see someone like me taking up space unapologetically. Over time I’ve realized something profound: the opinions of others, especially those hiding behind screens, hold no power over my worth or my dreams. I refuse to let their negativity dim the light I've worked so hard to ignite within myself. After all, the most revolutionary act one can undertake is simply to be oneself, fearlessly and unreservedly.

What are the biggest life lessons you’ve learnt that you wish you knew sooner?
Looking back, I recognize how much of my life was spent grappling with self-doubt, questioning my worth, and second-guessing my abilities. It's as if I was shackled by the weight of my own insecurities, unable to fully embrace my potential or acknowledge my accomplishments. It wasn't until I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and introspection that I began to challenge these limiting beliefs. I realized that my worth wasn't contingent upon external validation or societal expectations. I had to learn to celebrate my strengths, acknowledge my achievements, and embrace my flaws as part of what makes me uniquely me. My journey toward self-belief has been a transformative one, teaching me the importance of resilience, perseverance, and above all, the power of believing in oneself.
Learn more about Louange and her incredible work by visiting her social media page here!
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