Meet the woman behind the Guyulgang print

Meet the woman behind the Guyulgang print

This Women’s History Month we’re turning the spotlight on the countless women whose stories empower us with their capacity to ignite change and inspire inclusion. We’re starting strong by celebrating an incredibly special woman we’ve been so honoured to collaborate with. Introducing proud Wiradjuri woman and talented artist, Amanda Hinkelmann. 

Through the beauty of her captivating art, Amanda amplifies the myriad of important voices and stories of Indigenous culture - while always paying homage to the incredible and resilient women who shaped her life. Get to know the talented and inspirational artist behind our adored print, Guyulgang. 
Guyulgang Artwork
Guyulgang: “To be very strong and enduring”
Spot clusters of women gather in meeting places along a great ocean line, mirroring the idea that we together can become the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Where did the inspiration for Guyulgang come from?
“After connecting with Amber, the inspiration for Guyulgang came from a desire to create an artwork relating to the strength of women and the collective sisterhood we share, lifting each other up and supporting one another in feminine strength. We talked about Mother Nature and how she cares for us. We delved deeper into these themes and from here I thought about how I could compose a work to capture the essence of these powerful themes.”
What does sisterhood mean to you?
“I am extremely lucky to have a beautiful group of women who support me, confide in me and share experiences both joyful and sad. My life is so enriched because of the group of women I have in it. Sisterhood to me is supporting one another, riding the waves of life and celebrating each person.”
Tell us about the collaboration process behind Guyulgang.
“Our collaboration has been very fluid and open, with ideas being bounced back and forth over many months. It felt like a real creative partnership between Amber and I to bring this artwork to life. I put a lot of energy into this collaboration as I wanted to get it just right, and it was so lovely to be able to work with BAIIA knowing how closely our values and ideas aligned.”
How does it feel to see your art turned into fashion?
“When I received the previews, I was blown away. It made the collaboration real and I was almost lost for words! It was so hard to keep quiet about it because I was just so excited to see it all come together, sewn into beautiful garments.”
Learn more about Amanda’s incredible story and discover more of her art by visiting her website and social media pages here!

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