Are Baiia Swimsuits Mastectomy Friendly?

Are Baiia Swimsuits Mastectomy Friendly?

Not too long we were approached by the beautiful Mandy who was interested in sharing her experience to help and empower women who have gone through a mastectomy. She has so wonderfully put together a try-on video for our beautiful Baiia ladies to share her journey and show other women the options they had available to feel confident and comfortable at the beach. We want to thank Mandy for being an inspiration, and sharing all your bravery and love with breast cancer survivors around the world while reminding them "You've got this, fight!". To anyone who has been through a mastectomy, you are incredibly strong and beautiful, don't let anything hold you back from enjoying your summer! Read below for some wonderful tips and tricks to making Baiia swimwear work for you, or click to watch Mandy’s video she’s so beautifully put together. 



Baiia’s unique multi-piece designed Wrapsuits and Bikinis allow wearers to mix and match patterns, colours and styles in a way that would best support a woman no matter her shapes or stage in life. Using the pattern side of the Palm Springs Reversible Swimsuit to help mask the post-operated part of the chest, Mandy details that the pattern helps to add the illusion of having a breast present. Opposites do attract when the solid colour on the breasted side helps to minimize the size of the chest, bringing a more balanced look to the wearer’s body.



Mandy recommends a mastectomy wearer to use the wrap tie to your advantage when piecing together your perfect Baiia fit! By placing the wrap tie with the solid colour side, the detailing of the tie can help draw the focus away from the chest with a tied side waist. 



The beauty of a Baiia piece is the endless ways our customers can wear a suit. As someone who has had a mastectomy, accommodating a prosthesis can be challenging with traditional swimwear as most chest pieces come with built-in padding or underwires. Mandy demonstrates how easy it is to use a prosthesis with our wire-free swimwear, showing that the multi-piece suit can provide enough support in the under-bust to keep a prosthesis in place when lounging outside of the water. However, Mandy encourages to go prosthesis-free when swimming in the water so as not to damage or lose the prosthesis. Working with the Baiia Fit Experts on finding the perfect fit based on everyone’s unique measurements, a mastectomy wearer should have the fabric sit taut on the post-operated side while finding enough support for the breast from an A-J cup size. 


Baiia’s founder, Amber prides herself on Baiia’s ability to be a brand that strongly resonates with women of literally all ages, shapes and walks of life. We are all so different, but one thing remains the same: we all want to feel good in our own skin. The Baiia team is honoured to support different generations of women to feel empowered and confident about their journey. 

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