Charity donation commitment

Our December charity commitment - what we’ve donated!

Over the festive season the Baiia team committed to creating change for many women by donating to two worthy and dedicated causes, Women & Co and Support the Girls
We feel so incredibly thankful and honoured to have a platform that we can create positive change with and spread the word about wonderful charities that make a huge difference in the lives of so many women. After our initial pledge to donate 10% of profits made from the launch of our newest collection, Allure, throughout the month of December, we have decided to donate over 15% of all profits from December towards these two great causes, in line with a calculation error released around this promotion. 
This error has allowed us to do more good and we are so pleased that we have this opportunity to give back in a larger way than we had initially planned to. Starting 2023 thinking of others, we wanted to thank our beautiful Baiia Community for all your continued support and love as we have helped to drive awareness, much-needed funds, support and appreciation to  Women & Co and Support the Girls
Here's what we've achieved together
Centre for Women Co
This foundation provides quality counselling services, support for women and children in crisis, inclusive workshops and a safe-space.

To continue your support or get involved, visit Centre for Women & Co here.
Support the Girls Chartiy

This foundation is combatting the hardship of homelessness and women’s oppression through providing supplies and basic needs while guiding them to unlock their full potential.

To continue your support or get involved, visit Support the Girls here.

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