Breastfeeding and nursing with baiia swimwear

Breastfeeding in Your Baiia Bikini and Wrapsuit

One of the biggest challenges that we have heard from our community of amazing mummas is how hard it can be to find wire-free, breastfeeding friendly swimwear. Swimwear that can accentuate your beautiful mum-curves and is diverse enough that it will continue to change as your body (and bust) does. Whether you’re after a nursing one-piece swimsuit or are looking to strut your hot mumma stuff in a Baiia bikini, our unique designs have the bonus of easy breast access without the clumsy clips, fabric gaping from bust changes and limited-to-none bust support of so many other breastfeeding swimmers on the market.

The New Way for Breast Access

The main way we determine if a swimsuit is breastfeeding friendly is, simply, by how easy a mum could access her breast within a moment's notice. Swimwear can be particularly challenging with swimwear and add in a screaming little one, clingy fabric and fiddly breastfeeding clips and it can be a situation for stress. We are happy to say that with Baiia’s unique three piece design, breast access is absolutely no issue even when the swimmers are wet. By having the bust pieces of your swimsuit separate, you are able to simply spin the waistband of your chest piece to allow for easy breast access. If you’re after additional movement, have larger bust or are new to feeding and would like a little more room to move, we recommend choosing a bikini style swimsuit to ensure maximum rotation with your chest pieces.

Alongside access, Baiia’s double lined fabric allows for a thicker fabric feel (perfect for disguising breast pads). Our swimsuits also come in a variety of colours and prints like our popular Tulum Bikini and Barcelona Bikini. With the reversible design, you can also keep things feeling fresh as you find a swimsuit to match your individual style, make a statement and help to distract from any potential milk leakages with the thicker and patterned fabrics.

Creating a Custom Bust Fit

Baiia swimsuits can also be worn in a variety of different ways that will help you to get the best fit for you as your bust continues to change throughout your breastfeeding journey. If you’re after a little more support or finding that your bust is needing a little extra lift, using the waist tie to create a halter style bikini by connecting the two straps behind your neck with a bow will help to create lift while adding a feminine touch.  Looking for more modest coverage? Simply, rearrange the fabric at your cleavage for a more covered look. Or, if you’re after a more revealing bust line, use your waist tie to gather in your bikini top where the pieces cross to create a V-neck style.

You can also team your bikini or wrapsuit with one of our stunning Baiia sarongs that will add a little more coverage as you move from pool to beach and beyond with a silky fabric which will complete your beautiful look… or become a light breastfeeding cover or baby blanket at a moment's notice.

Why Choose Baiia to Breastfeed

We love all mums, your amazing bubs and appreciate how wonderful you (and all women) are. Whether you’re wearing our Baiia Wrapsuits or Baiia Bikinis, our swimwear has a classic silhouette, stunning design and wonderful fabric that hugs, supports and flatters every body. For our beautiful mumma’s who are choosing to breastfeed, our swimsuit has the added advantage of easy breast access while accentuating those stunning hour-glass mum curves. As a brand, Baiia is conscious about creating a world that we are proud to be a part of which supports others in all their beauty, diversity and stages of life. We also want to ensure that we create a better tomorrow and purposefully source our fabrics, create and use products and generate ideas to create a better tomorrow that your little ones would be proud of. We want our Baiia mums to feel confident, beautiful and know that they can tackle any challenge coming their way both now and are supported by team Baiia throughout their nursing journey and well into the future.
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