Meet Caroline Haarman

Meet Caroline Haarman

This Women’s History Month we’re shining the spotlight on some of the inspirational women who empower us with their strength and capacity to ignite change. 
Meet Caroline Haarman, a radiant beacon of age positivity from The Netherlands proving that age is no barrier to doing what you want and wearing what you love. She breaks stereotypes and embraces every stage of life with enthusiasm and elegance. Embodying the essence of timeless beauty and inspiring others to own their unique journey with joy, authenticity and confidence. Get to know the beauty herself.. 
In honour of Women’s History Month, what accomplishments are you most proud of as a woman?
I’m proud that I have always followed my own path. After all, you yourself have the best sense of where your own strengths lie and I listen carefully to that. For example, I started modelling 20 years ago. I was then well into my 30s and had children, everyone said I was crazy but I liked it and was convinced I could be successful. I have since found my way and work with different creative people. When modelling, you still get rejected regularly but i don’t take it personally.
What’s one of your favourite quotes you live by that has helped shape the woman you are today? 
Just do it. If you don't try, it will never be a success. 
I make decisions based on my gut. Very often it's right, sometimes not, but at least I tried and learnt something for next time.
In your opinion, what role does representation play in promoting inclusivity and diversity?
Everyone should be able to be fully themselves in life. It should absolutely not matter what you look like or what your descent is. It's great that everyone is the way they are, that's what makes life so colourful and beautiful. I find it horrible when people judge others based on external features.  From an early age, we should teach children not to judge other people.
What do you think are challenges for women of the past and today in the workforce?
My mother was a traditional housewife. My mother was a smart woman but still stayed at home. I think she was quite lonely and would have actually enjoyed a career yet couldn’t. For me, I wanted to make a career so I would not become dependent on other people. Unfortunately, it is still the case that women earn less than men and this is incomprehensible to me.
Who are the top female role models, either from history or your personal life, that have inspired you and why?
Very many women inspire me. Around me, I see so many beautiful, powerful women who are all an inspiration to me in their own way. Women who stand firmly on their feet, dare to make their own decisions and don't blow with all the winds are the ones I learn from and those are my examples.

Learn more about Caroline and her incredible work by visiting her social media page here:

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