Why the fashion industry needs to be more plus size positive

Why the Fashion Industry needs to be plus size positive

With self love and body positivity on the rise there is a desperate need for the fashion industry to keep up and ‘get with the program’. For so many women the clothes we wear can make us feel more confident, and can be used as an external representation of our personality. For many ‘plus sized’ women finding clothing that is trendy, fits well and is flattering is a difficult task. With such limited options, these women have been left feeling less than and the fault lies within an industry that has been historically resistant to change.
Images of our beautiful plus size community
Plus-size women represent over 68% of shoppers there is immense demand for both more plus-size options and representation within the fashion industry. There is a need for the industry to shift to ensure inclusive sizing is offered for these underrepresented women because we all are incredibly beautiful and deserve to experience life and feel the joys of rocking a swimsuit at the beach judgment-free.
When it comes to swimwear, there is a highly unhealthy ideology that you need to have the ‘perfect beach body’. Well, we beg to differ and believe that everybody is the perfect beach body. The plus size swimwear options have been extremely limited for women and have been made to hide and conceal. Plus size women want to feel sexy too! They don’t want to hide behind their swimsuits; we want to be seen, appreciated and celebrated.  All bodies are beautiful, it is important to appreciate differences no matter size, shape, or age. Your value is not determined by your size, all sizes deserve to be celebrated. Your weight may change but your worth will not. 
Here at Baiia we have tried to make swimwear that flatters all shapes and sizes, that offers support and makes you feel empowered to take on a summer filled with warm beach days and lazy days by the pool with confidence. However, we do know that there is always room for improvement, and we are continuously growing and evolving. We love hearing your feedback as we continue to ensure our brand is inclusive to all. There is beauty in our uniqueness and we want to make sure you and your needs are catered to, to the best of our ability. 
Size should never be a factor when it comes to determining your worth. All brands should be striving towards size inclusivity and representation for these women who have been overlooked for far too long.  


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