Shaping swimear made to love your figure

Shaping Swimwear ~ Made for loving your figure

Whether you're taking a dip at the beach, or sunbathing poolside, we want you to feel empowered as you embrace the summer season. We understand that stripping down to your swimmers can be a daunting experience for some and that we all ultimately want to feel good in our own skin. While Amber, Baiia’s founder, prides herself on how Baiia has the ability to resonate with women of all ages, shapes and walks of life, sometimes a little bit of extra support can make us feel our best. Baiia’s designs act similar to shapewear, made to highlight your beautiful figure so that you can feel reassured during the times where you may feel most vulnerable. But, how does it work? Using both double and triple lined fabrics in the swimsuit construction, Baiia swimsuits provide options for women of all shapes and sizes looking for bust support and a flattering tummy control effect.
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Multi- Lined Fabric 

When wearing your Baiia swimsuit, you can feel confident knowing you won’t have to question the fabric’s transparency before braving the elements. Designed with longevity and practicality in mind, our white/light colour swimsuits are triple-lined with high-quality regenerated Econyl fabric to ensure they won’t go transparent when wet. While Baiia’s double-lined swimsuits already feature snug and shape controlling properties, if you are looking for the additional firmness to enhance or support your bust, we always recommend selecting a triple-lined suit.  It is important to stress how imperative it is to find your best size when shopping for a Baiia to ensure your best support and coverage as possible. Swimwear fabric will naturally become more generous in stretch when in contact with water, so we always recommend going for a snug initial fit. If you’d like more information on the expectation around your first Baiia, head to our blog here. Or reach out to us and we can assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit for you. 
Our triple-lined swimsuits

Bust Support 

Whether you’re an A or J cup size, Baiia is made to support, hold and enhance your bust while keeping everything safely secured. One advantage of Baiia swimsuits is that they can be adjusted to suit the needs of the wearer. For some, coverage is key, while others might look to the Baiia swimsuit to enhance or support their bust. Regardless of your needs, there is a way to style your Baiia bikini top or wrapsuit to get you the support, coverage and overall look you want.  To find out how, see our guide featuring five practical tips to achieving your desired bust support. Or, reach out to one of our fit experts to help you find your best way to style.
Examples of our bust supporting swimsuits

Tummy Control 

We are all so different, but one thing remains the same: we all want to feel good in our own skin. Sometimes, we can feel a little self-conscious when striping down to our swimmers and that’s where our unique fabric comes into play! Made from 100% reclaimed industrial and post-consumer waste including fishnets and other plastic waste, our Italian supplier, Econyl, has allowed for Baiia’s swimwear to provide a great tummy control effect giving you that extra support to feel your best when you aren’t wearing a lot! Our high quality, thick fabrics work similarly to shapewear, moulding your figure while remaining supportive. Our designs smooth and slim any areas of concern, while at the same time, showing off your beautiful curves - a great combination for all women from new mums through to those of us who simply want a more sculpted look.
Customer trying on our tummy control shaping bikini bottoms

Bum Coverage

Suns out, bums out? We understand that this concept can strike fear in some, and for those who don’t feel comfortable bearing it all, Baiia has you covered (figuratively and literally). All of our swimsuits provide classic coverage through our design that veers away from traditional full coverage or boy-leg cuts while still remaining snug and seamless. 
Example of our classic bum coverage
Regardless of the season, every body deserves a reason to feel confident in their beach body Whether you’re sipping a glass of Veuve Clicquot by the pool, exploring uncharted territories on your next tropical getaway or spending the summer flaunting your confidence as you have fun with your family, Baiia’s unique designs have any figure feeling simply stunning and ready for fun. With fabric and designs that will flatter all women at any stage in their life, we have created swimwear that will support, give you style options and become a classic go-to piece for many years to come.
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