Are Baiia reversible swimsuits suitable for large busts?

Are Baiia reversible swimsuits suitable for large busts?

A common question we’re asked is whether our swimsuits are suitable for large busts. To answer this question: Yes! But, ultimately, it depends on what you're wanting from a swimsuit. Baiia’s Swimsuits are wire-free and unpadded to allow for full reversibility, comfort and to avoid any digging in, with support naturally existing in its shapewear-like properties built-in our incredibly firm Italian fabric. This means that Baiia’s swimwear has a different feel in terms of support over other wired or padded options, which can be tailored specifically to you depending on your needs and on how you style your pieces.
We understand that busts come in all different shapes and sizes and love that our items can accommodate from an A to a H cups. To break it down by style, here’s what you might expect from the bikini and wrapsuit if you have a larger bust, some styling tips and tricks to get the best lift, shape and support for your girls and the importance of making sure you are in your perfect Baiia size.
 Models with larger busts wearing modest swimwear


Let’s start with the difference between our Bikini Wrap Top and classic Wrapsuit. Both similar in design, our bikini top features two chest-pieces that overlap and come together to make the complete top. Designed to flatter the waist, this area will usually appear most snug which will create an extra lift and mimic an underwire effect for your bust. On the other hand, our Wrapsuit consists of a full body-piece, separate chest piece and a tie. The wrapsuit fit is less snug at the waist but provides bust security in the way the body-piece anchors the body and holds in place. The separate chest-piece then comes together to even out the support and create a flattering look. 

Both the bikini top and wrapsuit allows for greater customisation for your look and adjustable support so you can have the most confidence in what you’re wearing. Every swimsuit is double or triple lined to create shape-wear like qualities which assist with lift and under bust support. If you are looking for a little more support, we do recommend purchasing the triple-lined suit for additional sculpting qualities and support.

Baiia wrapsuit and bikini design multi way



When it comes to styling our pieces, there is a lot you can do to customise your overall look and, ultimately, change the way your swimmers feel on your body. Firstly, we do recommend that you have your busts sitting comfortably in our pieces before styling. To do this, lean forward, cup your hand to the side and underneath of your bust and scoop the girls into the centre of the swimsuit.  While the design and construction of both the wrapsuit and bikini wrap top naturally assists to support your girls, if you are after a little more lift, we recommend the halter-style method. Simply use your waist tie to draw together your straps behind your neck, creating a halter-style look. This will reduce the length of your straps, lifting your bust and offering better security. Watch more here.


halter neck supportive swim


Amina is a 36H Cup



For best bust-support, it’s a must that you have your perfect fit in our swimmers. If you are finding that your swimsuit isn’t giving you the lift you’re looking for (or if you are having troubles with fitting elsewhere in your items), then you may be in the wrong size. We have our sizing guide available to assist with getting your best fit since our shapes are all beautifully unique your swimsuit may sit differently. We recommend comparing your measurements prior purchase and also offer complimentary fit consultations  to help find your best solution. 

This is where our wonderful customer service and fit expert teams come in – ready to help you with styling tips, support and recommendations based on your personal measurements for your best size. You can reach our team by emailing: for sizing specific help, please complete our pre-fit consultation form.



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